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Protecting Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you understand the commitment and dedication that has gone into making your business a success.  It makes sense to also have the right protection for your business assets and income.

Things to consider:

  • Insurance for the physical assets your business owns.
  • Adequate cover for your business vehicles
  • Business survival and key person insurance.  If your business is young, its financial survival may depend on your ability to continue working.  Protect your business from the impact of illness, accident or disability preventing you from working.
  • You may be legally required to pay compensation for damage to property or personal injury caused by your business operations.  Make sure you’re protected!

It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small; if you’re a sole trader or the head of a large organisation; if your business has just opened its doors or has been trading for decades.  There is always a need for protection!  

Business Income Protection Insurance


New to Business Cover

Should illness or injury render you or a key person unable to work in the business, the future of the business may be vulnerable.  New to Business Cover is an agreed value occupation-rated benefit for businesses that have been in existence for less than four years. It provides an essential financial safety net if an owner or key person is unable to work for more than 10 hours per week in their own occupation in the business due to illness or injury.


Business Survival - Key Person

Sudden illness or an accident
can render you or a key person in your business unable to continue working, which could affect revenue, profits, and the freedom and lifestyle you enjoy as a result of running your own business.

Business Continuation Cover is an agreed value benefit subject to a bi-annual financial review for businesses that have been operating for more than three years.



ACC covers you for accidents, but not illness. We have a full range of options and advice on ACC requirements for self employed people - See ACC.