Housing Market Christchurch

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Christchurch Market 

First home buyer Frenzy!

With less competition from investors and cooling of median house prices as well as record low interest rates now could not be a better time to get onto the property market. With a home loan of $400k you could be paying $468.75 weekly mortgage payments which includes principal and interest now compare that to what you pay your current rent!
If you are thinking of getting in the property market please do get in touch.
By coming to me you will get a tailored service to best meet your needs, i can put you in the right direction and even if you are not able to get a mortgage right away I can save you a lot of waiting by giving you a step by step guidance on how to get to that ultimate goal a lot quicker!


They always say buy when no one wants to buy and sell when everyone wants to buy! And this could not be anymore true in the Christchurch market at the moment. There are some really good opportunities to purchase some undervalued stock and if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty and add some solid capital growth as well as net some healthy yields/returns! With the new healthy homes law and insulation coming into affect next month speculator investors are unloading stock because they cannot be bothered doing the work to get these properties up to standard - and this benefits you being able to purchase undervalue.
If you are stuck and don’t know how to get that next rental please come to me I will be able to look at your portfolio and come up with ways where you can add more servicing or capital that is needed to continue purchasing towards that ultimate goal of financial freedom.

Fixed rates:

Are you locked into a fixed rate and missing out on the current low interest rates interest savings that could be coming off your own mortgage instead of going in the banks pockets?
You will be supprised at how much you could be saving - $400k mortgage @4.5% 30 year term compared to 3.85% - That is monthly savings of $152 that could be paid off your principal and could save you $40,611 in interest payments  and take off nearly 4 years off your mortgage!!! 
If you are locked in don’t stress get in touch and I can help
With most banks giving healthy cash contributions we can mitigate the potential break fees and start enjoying these savings!
So just a wrap if you are thinking of getting onto the property ladder or looking to purchase that next investment or would like to cash in on these incredibly low fixed interest rates get in touch with me today for a free consultation!!!

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